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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 25, 2014 11:52pm-12:01am EST

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to get any farther off the political map than those three you would have to go to p'yongyang. [laughter] the funny thing about the baby boomers there is no politics we will it 50 party than to the communist party we just take it also be used up all the nonsense by the tide you get around to. >>. >> to quote from a previous book deal this being the specialist? >> i was a foreign correspondent just with the
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trouble of any kind back before everything was tidy and miniaturized there was only a few hundred of us that did this with the camera crews in the newspaper people we would call ourself of shithole specialist we would show up right before that we were just in lebanon said the in bosnia beaver all there for the gulf war then technology sort of began to overtake us it was incredibly interesting kind of scary but i thought it was great but when i got back from the iraq war i thought i am getting too old to be scared stiff and sleeping on the ground. [laughter]
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i have to retire the horse. >> i am really interested undertaken of the erratic change of the labor force for generally bet with the entity to provide for family to the transition of both sexes to see the loss of identity of the bet. what is sure to take? >> one of the thing that makes modern life with this period of transition accountable, a lot of us in this room was born into the last era where mostly been did the physical work. it was lifting stock. may be as brutal before it
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was mechanized but still labor intensive. those of us growing up in the rule area women did a lot of the physical work work is now but to all that is good in a lot of ways but it leaves out a lot of people who don't have the skill set and it takes were treating and the various things there is a lot of talk how much more divided a society, which richer the rich are how big the divide is but a lot of this has to do with the complexity mentally of modern work because it does not exclude anybody but it does leave much of a place for those
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who have virtues but then told the bild this is not she from on them so for those who are more of the decent what do they do? that is a question have to answer i don't have anything funny wisecracks to make about that. >> host: i always say but i often think this comes up the law in by a vice column because so many questions are about identity and a transition and the changes of the loss of identity and think the two big questions for in the of us to answer our who am i and what do i want? i take this is the baby boom we are still trying to
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answer these questions and as his personal story shows the answer changes through time if you are smart and lucky. >> guest: of the key is the best part of it it is harder to identify people say what do you do? i take this up the ladder but now most of us if you ask what do you do? i stare at a computer screen. what do i do? i am not certain myself. >> this is the last question >> could you tell me exactly their famous quotation about health care? >> guest: i did say live you think health care is expensive now plates until you see how much it cost when it is free.
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[laughter] [applause] >> host: teeeighteen will sign books. please come i will also be there i will state to solve all your problems. [laughter] please story us. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> there are 100 things i want to write about the business part does not drive me. on the other hand, i am not gandhi either. i am a capitalist. but with that said what drives me to push sales tries to get my books and arguments in as many hands as i possibly can and because my books are intended do you try to affect people's thinking to
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give them ideas what they have not thought about. i cannot imagine other authors don't think the same way. i am one of the greatest editors of publishing his name as mitchell and he is terrific he says you may not want to use that sentence with but he is gracious no meaningful weld that i am stubborn i think most authors are but i am. you may not want to conclude that zero or you may not want to include that. i'd like to bounce things off him but in the end make those decisions. . .


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